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Universal Unconditional Love

Universal Unconditional Love

unconditional love

What is Universal unconditional love?

No one is really able to describe it. And yet, it’s a concept that we all seem to know somewhere deep inside us. And it’s something we crave.

When I started meditating on the concept some months ago, trying to answer for myself what it is exactly, I got an image.
Plankton are amazing beings. They exist in all large bodies of water. They do fun things, and exist in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Jellyfish are classified as a kind of plankton.

But mostly they’re defined by biologists by their inability to resist the current. They can swim vertically, going up and down the columns in currents. But lateral movement is impossible for them.

So why did the image of plankton come to mind when meditating on the concept of universal unconditional love?

Probably because I know we can’t live without them. They live and in their living produce most of the oxygen we and every other being on the planet need to live. They don’t judge, deciding who is worthy to receive their gift. They don’t try to control where their oxygen goes. It’s given freely as a by-product of their existence. It’s always here. And we’re limited from this universal unconditional gift only by our inability or unwillingness to breathe fully and deeply.

So in the world of form, within the limits of my mind, images of plankton are one of the ways I understand universal unconditional love.

Too simplistic? Maybe.

But after all, everytime we inhale, we call it inspiration.

Universal Unconditional Love

Universal unconditional love
Flows through me and around me.

Sometimes I am a piece of kelp anchored to the ocean floor,
Surrounded by the vastness of Your love,
And moved by its currents.

Sometimes I am a jelly fish,
And Your love flows through me and fills me,
And moves me where You want me to go.

Sometimes I am a rock on the ocean floor,
And believe I am impervious to the love and joy around me.
Unable to move,
A barrier to myself,
Yet still contained within You.

Years disintegrate me and I fall on the ocean floor,
To be swept up on the beach
Where I cling as wet sand to the children’s feet.
And then they carry me on a new adventure,
Unaware that I am there.

They sweep me off and I find a place in a garden
Where I watch things grow around me.
Roots cling to me in a dark space
And someone yanks and I feel the sun.

I am washed off again and travel through water
To meet the ocean of Your love again,
Returning where I started.

Broken down, broken apart,
Waiting to become the jelly fish.
Knowing it doesn’t matter where I go or what I do

All that matters is the knowing
You are in me, with me and through me
And we are one.

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