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So what’s all this fuss about #Netneutrality?


This content was originally published on LinkedIn July 16, 2014. It’s been updated and re-posted here because the issue of #netneutrality has come up yet again. And, because discussing this issue here and now is consistent with the concept of Abundance for all Why is #NetNeutrality such a huge issue?...

Truth Be Told: God’s Angels Hover Near And All About

God's angels hover near and all about

I’ve been a 30-year “sometimes” student of A Course in Miracles. I was led to it by a friend during a period of upheaval in my life when my first marriage crumbled. For those who are not familiar, an introduction may be in order. A Course in Miracles was “scribed”...

Re-writing The Songs of Our Lives: Here Comes The Sun

re-writing the songs of our lives

George Harrison wrote the song “Here Comes the Sun” in 1969 at Eric Clapton’s country house. It was first released on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album. The lyrics reflect Harrison’s relief at both the arrival of spring and the break from the band’s business affairs. Originally written in 4/4 time...

Harry Van Gelder’s Blessing

wisteria blessing

Over five thousand Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) practitioners across the world are familiar with these words from Australian osteopath Harry Van Gelder. In the 1940’s, Harry used osteopathic spinal manipulation, nutrition, homeopathy, Frequency Specific Microcurrnt and stimulation of acupuncture points to treat patients. These words are read before every FSM...

Welcome to our first post on our newly designed site.

Welcome on the journey!

Welcome to Cornucopia Foundation Media! This is our first post on our newly designed site. Our previous site provided tools for social media marketing and search engine optimization. It was based on a sincere desire to help people build their business online. However, due to the changes on the web...

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